1. Poor language and pronunciation
2. Poor rhyming
3. Immature speech pattern and communication
4. Poor phonological awareness
5. Poor concept of time
6. Poor Organisation
7. Poor listening skills
8. Poor memory for rhymes, stories, events, instructions
9. Cannot clap a rhythm or keep a musical beat
10. Is clumsy, wriggly and accident prone
11. Is hard to engage, shows little interest in activities
12. Can be easily distracted
13. Has poor posture
14. Poor fine motor skills, including drawing, copying and letter formation
15. Poor eye tracking and inability to converge from far to near
16. Poor spatial concepts
17. Poor body image
18. Has not established hand dominance
19. Has poor ball skills
20. Has poor balance and co-ordination
21. Poor letter knowledge
22. Social skills are very limited or unsuccessful