1. Find it hard to learn letter/sound relationships
2. Confuse letters or words with similar shapes or sounds
3. Find it hard to sound out simple words
4. Reverse, insert or omit words, letters and numbers
5. Have difficulty with spelling very simple regular words
6. Muddle the order of letters and words
7. Keep losing the place when reading
8. Read and do written work very slowly
9. Have difficulty pronouncing longer common words
10. Have difficulty hearing rhymes and sounds within words
11. Have poorly spaced, poorly formed, large faint or small heavily indented writing
12. Have difficulty memorising (especially in number work) despite adequate supported in-school practice
13. Be slow to learn to tell the time
14. Be slow to learn to tie shoe laces
15. Confuse left/right and up/down
16. Have difficulty learning the alphabet, months and days in order
17. Have delayed or idiosyncratic speech and language development
18. Have difficulty carrying out an oral instruction or, more commonly, multiple oral instructions
19. Have poor organising ability – losing and forgetting things
20. Have poor coordination and depth perception – tripping and bumping into things
21. Have word finding difficulties
22. Behaviour difficulties, frustration, poor self -image
23. Easily distracted – either hyperactive or daydreaming