1. Still have difficulty with reading
2. Read adequately but slowly, making careless errors, and tiring in extended reading situations
3. Have considerable spelling difficulties
4. Have difficulty copying accurately from the blackboard or a book
5. Have failed to accumulate a core of common key words
6. Still confuse b/d or was/saw in reading and writing
7. Still have difficulty pronouncing longer common words
8. Do written work very slowly
9. Miss out sounds or syllables in words, spoken and/or written
10. Have difficulty memorising number bonds and tables
11. Reverse numbers, eg 36 and 63
12. Still confuse left/right and up/down
13. Still have difficulty with the sequence of days, months and the alphabet
14. Have poorly formed, poorly spaced immature handwriting
15. Have difficulty remembering oral instructions
16. Frequently appear confused and process only parts of the lesson
17. Have word finding difficulties
18. Good orally but written work disappointing
19. Poor organisation and presentation; forgets books and homework
20. Behaviour difficulties, frustration, poor self-image
21. Easily distracted – either hyperactive or daydreaming
22. Clumsy, unpopular in team games, dislikes P.E.