Brushing it under the carpet

Children with learning difficulties have above average level of intelligence. Early identification and remediation can help the children tremendously. Then where is the problem? The early signs are often missed – teachers are the best to identify these but most of them are not aware and not trained for this. In the few lucky cases where a trained teacher or school counsellor suggest screening for LD, many a times parents refuse to accept it. They just brush it under the carpet – hoping desperately that it will go away or the teacher is wrong or your child is being compared to others. Like an ostrich they tend to bury their head under the sand and refuse to handle the problem head on. Where does this leave the child? Poor academic performance in spite of having the potential to do better, the child’s morale is down, he is often bullied and alienated deepening his frustration.

So, what should you do? As a parent or teacher, you should educate yourself and seek help if you feel your child or pupil has some early signs. There is no harm in exploring further. The earlier you embrace it the better your child’s chance of success. You do not gain anything by wishing it away. Early screening will improve the child’s chances of success tremendously.

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