What is Learning Difficulty?

In layman’s language, Learning Difficulty (LD) is a processing difference – children with LD store and retrieve information in ways that are different from how you and I do that. We just need to help them store information in a way that they can retrieve it.

Well, this is at the core, but it pans out as difficult to acquire reading, writing or math skills. They often perform poorly in traditional classroom settings. Some form of learning difficulty affects 10 to 15% of the population. It is crucial to understand the other side of this. Children with LD have many compensating advantages.

People across various streams have excelled in their related field in spite of their learning struggles. The list is long and includes luminaries like Einstein, Edison, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mohammad Ali and Tom Cruise. It is well known that 35% of Silicon Valleys most successful entrepreneurs struggled with a learning difficulty.

The difference is our approach to it as parents and teachers. So let us help shed the stigma and bring back happiness to their school years.

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